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That’s all your customers need to use Thanx

Consumers earn rewards automatically by linking and using any credit or debit card. There’s no hassle for your staff, and no added steps at checkout for your customers.



Finally, full-featured loyalty without point-of-sale integration

No costly POS integrations or new hardware. No coupon codes, no scanning, no extra effort in-store. Cashback rewards can even be delivered right back to the consumer’s credit card automatically. You can be up and running in under 24 hours.


Keep your customers engaged

Your reward program remains top-of-mind with real-time notifications

Just seconds after a purchase, customers receive a notification showing their progress toward the next reward, and encouraging them to come back soon.

Your personal business analyst

Real customer insights with cloud-based reporting, customer segmentation, and measurable results.

A robust marketing suite

Built on top of loyalty

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    Customer Loyalty

    Reward repeat customers with a customized loyalty program. Thanx tracks increased customer frequency and average check over time, translating into real ROI.

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    Customer Feedback

    Track the day-to-day satisfaction of your customers using Net Promoter Score™ and receive one-on-one feedback right after they patronize your business.

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    Email Subscriptions

    Thanx integrates with popular email marketing apps such as MailChimp and Constant Contact, allowing you to build your email lists while rewarding loyalty.

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    VIP Rewards

    Give your best customers the gold carpet treatment. Make them feel special so they never want to leave.

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    Special Offers

    Entice at-risk customers to win them back. Send automated mobile offers to drive increased traffic during slow hours or days.

  • Feature-birthday

    Birthday Reward

    Coming soon

    Even better than a free breakfast at Denny’s! Give your loyal members a surprise on their birthday.

  • Feature-socialrwd

    Social Rewards

    Coming soon

    Loyalty customers do more than just shop with you. They Like, Tweet, and refer — now you can reward them for non-transactional actions.

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    Marketing and Design

    Your brand is front-and-center in the app. Plus we provide premium branded materials for your locations, website, social media, and email.

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    Data is secured using military-grade 256-bit encryption. Consumers’ credit/debit card numbers are never stored. And Thanx is always free for your customers.

    Our security promise

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No up-front costs and no lock-in. Pay only for the tools you want — and only the ones that are actually driving measurable results for your business.

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